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Barricas Pampero

Pampero Studio. “Barricas 2014”. Unique and value added content. With the aim of “telling stories to talk about”. PAMPERO® developed Pampero Studio, a cultural and urban event that had the participation of ten plastic artists. Each artist intervened a real-sized barrel, making it a piece of art. They met the challenge of working on an unconventional surface, which allowed each of them to demonstrate that their talent is up to any challenge. This PAMPERO® initiative greatly contributed to the brand’s engagement with its traditional and potential consumers. In addition to bringing the brand closer to its people and adding value to its content, it was carried out within the framework of its “Live for Your Passions” A spectacular opportunity to share the essence of the brand and ratify its interest and support for the cultural movement and national talent. BrandCom was the creator of the idea and content, as well as the coordination of the event, search for influencers and opinion leaders.


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