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Paid Search|Pay Per Click (PPC)

The rise of online advertising has been taking audience away from traditional media such as Radio, TV, and Print. The strengths of the PPC are its capability to segment and reach a specific audience along with the precise measurement of results. It is practically Data Science!, the mathematical algorithms to decide the position of an ad are based on new technologies such as “Machine Learning” and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The goal is to have your targeted ad appear in the results of search engines in the top places of the first page, Google uses an “Auction and Bet” system where many factors come into play; objectives of the campaign, budget, audience, context. The payment for online advertising is applied when an objective is met, i.e. if the objective is to generate traffic to a website, the advertiser pays each time the advertisement is clicked.


The Google Search Network is designed so that a product or service is found by those who seek it or need it, in this network ads are created and compete for exposure when triggered by keywords.

If we want a brand, product or service to be exposed to a specific audience that is not necessarily looking for it, the Google Display Network is used, which makes available more than two million websites partners and YouTube channels.

The post-promotion on Facebook / Instagram works in the same way, the idea is ads placement on the different platforms (Feed, Stories, Message, etc.) according to geographical, demographic and interest segmentation.


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